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Is Mao Like Sauron, Or Is Sauron Like Mao?

I had plans for today.  There were all sorts of things I was going to accomplish.  I was going to run some errands.  I was going to do some shopping.  I was going to visit friends.  I was going to sightsee.  I was going to go jogging.  I was going to conduct an impromptu jugband jamboree in the park.  I was going to shoot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.  But then I woke up this morning.

To say today was a shitty day is to do a disservice to it.  It was overcast, like the sky during a hurricane.  It was dark…at 10 A.M.  And the light!  Oh god, the light.  The world out my window was full of this horrifying burnt yellow color.  It made me sick just looking at it.  Here, I took a picture of it:


Jokes aside, the world really looked like Mordor.  The above picture is not as far off as you think.  I’ve never seen a shittier-looking day.  Oh wait, yes I have.  A few months ago in Beijing the weather was just as shitty.  The sky was just as yellow.  Thanks, China!  No one does hellish nightmare dreamscapes quite like you!

P.S. I want to say this again, because I fear the message got lost amid all the ranting: Ben and Sam, my Moon landing doubters from the other day, are my friends.  They are good people, who, with a few gigantic exceptions, are quite intelligent.  I call them friends.  I don't want this fact to go overlooked.


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