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Happy Birthday Lawrence! (and an apology)
Happy Birthday Lawrence!  I know you aren't quite 22 in the States, but over here it is November 4th, so deal with it.  Actually, due to Chinese age-reckoning standards, you are now 23.  In China, for no reason, babies are born at age 1.  So, happy 23rd birthday, Lawrence!

Now, an apology,  J9, I've fallen waaay behind, I know.  I've been incurably lazy this week.  I promise to get back on track in the next few days.  Can you forgive me?  No?  I understand.

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Babies Born at Age 1

I think babies are born at age 1 so they can complete in the Olympics at age 9 and say that they are 13.

Actually, I'm impressed that you plan to get back on track. If I fell behind, I think I would just give up. Of course, if you did that, I would hold it over your head for the next 50 COR. So I guess you betta git crackin'!

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